Since all the desserts are made from scratch the options are limitless. I also love a challenge for 
something new. This list is to get some ideas flowing. They work best for the bite-sized desserts
and cake. When deciding your dessert table, colors and seasonal ideas come to mind. This is your day so feel free to choose whatever season and mix and match the choices.  I find traditional 
or fun retro type ideas such as confetti or Oreo are most popular. 

***check back I will be rearranging by category soon!

Spring & Summer

Lemoncello Blackberry

Amaretto Pistachio

Grand Marnier Chocolate Truffle

Strawberry Basil

Chambord Raspberry Lemonade

Honey Lavender

Lemon Blueberry

Berry Medley

Strawberry Cream Cheese

Cherry Amaretto

Fall & Winter

Sea Salted caramel

Turtle/ pecan choc caramel

Bourbon Pecan Praline

Bailey's and Pumpkin Pecan

Cinnamon Spice Strussel

Chai Spice

Matcha Mascarpone Cream with black sesame

Chocolate Zinfandel

Caramel Apple

Orange Ginger Spice

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